Media Release: Rosslea residents demand answers from Townsville Council over large-scale development

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Rosslea residents demand answers from Townsville Council over large-scale development

A group of residents living on Lindsay Street in Rosslea say they haven’t been consulted and can’t get a proper response from Townsville City Council on the traffic impacts of a new boarding house now under construction.

They say they were left with no choice but to contact Federal Herbert MP Phillip Thompson to help bring their concerns to Council as they felt they had not been listened to.

Stage 1 of the boarding house development is set to include 42 beds, leaving residents concerned their quiet suburban street will soon be overrun with extra traffic and parked cars.

Mr Thompson said after meeting with neighbours on site this week it was clear something had to be done to address their legitimate concerns.

“The residents have told me there are often children in the area as well as elderly residents in wheelchairs. Extra traffic of this magnitude is clearly going to put their safety at further risk,” he said.

“At the very least they want to see Council put in a footpath, but also consider blocking off the end of Lindsay Street where it meets Bowen Road, or installing chicanes and other traffic calming solutions.

“I wrote to local divisional councillor Liam Mooney asking for the traffic management plans as part of the development. He told me there would be no significant impact and that there was no requirement for public notification or consultation.

“The residents and I don’t think that’s good enough, so I’ll be writing to the Council again on their behalf and raising their concerns.”

Mr Thompson said the residents were also concerned about a future planned development at the Townsville Golf Club to move the clubhouse and traffic entrance.

“This would also filter more traffic onto Lindsay Street and make it a thoroughfare from Bowen Road,” he said.

“I’ll continue to advocate for the community and ensure their voice is being heard.”


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