Media Release: Herbert MP calls on Mayor Hill to put politics aside and focus on Locals

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Herbert MP calls on Mayor Hill to put politics aside and focus on Locals

Hill to stop playing politics and instead focus on the people and businesses of North Queensland.
It comes after the Mayor released an essay over the weekend outlining recommendations on how the Labor Party could win seats at upcoming elections.
“While Townsville is in the grip of one of the worst economic hits in living memory, we have our Mayor focused on how the Labor Party can win votes,” he said.
“This shows a gross lack of interest in Townsville and the business people who are hurting so badly,” Mr Thompson said.
“In today’s Townsville Bulletin, our tourism industry is begging for help from the Mayor by way of relief from Townsville City Council Pedestal Charges. The Mayor has refused to meet with those operators or waive the charges so they can keep their doors open, yet here she is fluffing her own feathers in the media, pushing a Labor Party political agenda that will not help a single Townsville resident or business through this current crisis.
“I call on Mayor Hill to re-assess her priorities. How can a Mayor who runs as “independent” one month write an essay on Labor Party politics the next? It’s an absolute disgrace.”
Mr Thompson said Local Government should be above party politics.
“Townsville is suffering under a Mayor who puts politics before people. We see it when she stands with the three local Labor MPs at every opportunity, defending their pathetic inaction on crime as she tells us Townsville is a safe place to live,” Mr Thompson said.
“We see it when the Mayor refuses to act on the Pedestal Charge, despite her inaction potentially costing thousands of jobs and an entire industry.
“Her efforts in writing a Labor Party love note in the midst of a crisis is just another example of the Mayor having her priorities all wrong.”


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