Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Federal Member for Herbert

Fighting for Townsville

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There’s no question Townsville is facing the biggest challenge of a generation. The coronavirus has affected every single one of us in some way.

We’ve been extremely fortunate here in the North to have avoided a major outbreak of COVID-19. That’s thanks to the amazing work of all of us adhering to the restrictions and practising social distancing. I’d like to pay tribute to our incredible health professionals and frontline workers who have risked their lives every day to keep us safe and healthy.

Of course with the restrictions has come major economic heartache only a year after our devastating natural disaster. While JobKeeper and JobSeeker have been a godsend for many businesses the effects of the closures have been felt extremely hard.

I will continue to advocate every day for the people of Townsville. I won’t stop fighting to see our restrictions eased as quickly as possible – in line with the health advice – to see our economy reopened.

As your Federal Member I will be with you throughout the recovery and am always here to help. If there’s ever anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the phone, on Facebook or by email.

While you’re here, please take a minute to have your say, and let me know what’s important to you and your family.

Phillip Thompson OAM MP

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COMMUNITY BEFORE CRIMINALS: Townsville has had a gutful of the Groundhog Day. What’s it going to take for you to listen & act Aaron Harper MP Scott Stewart MP Les Walker MP Annastacia Palaszczuk MP ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

COMMUNITY BEFORE CRIMINALS: Townsville has had a gutful of the Groundhog Day. What’s it going to take for you to listen & act Aaron Harper MP Scott Stewart MP Les Walker MP Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

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Please copy this and email to Put in your name and at the end your details His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, I your name. a Queensland citizen draw to the attention of you as the Governor of Queensland, that current laws dealing with youth crimes have failed all Queenslanders. Thus placing the Queensland constituents in grave danger and risk of harm. In response to public concern, this letter / request seeks to address youth crime which has plagued North Queensland. Therefore we are requesting your assistance to return our state to a lawful, secure and safe state. 1. Trial a third option for the courts, in the form of relocation sentencing, as a deterrent and to facilitate the rehabilitation of youth offenders. 2. Include a presumption against bail for youths charged with the unlawful use of a motor vehicle, in addition to the government announced, breaking and entering, serious sexual assault and armed robbery charges. 3. Amend legislation to re-introduce breach of bail as an offence for repeat youth offenders. 4. Ensure that courts are adequately resourced so that youth offenders are dealt in an expeditious manner, so that delay in judicial processes are not used as a reason for youth offenders to be granted bail. 5. Repeal Schedule 1, Youth Justice Act 2015, Charter of Youth Justice, Item 18 which provides that a child should be detained in custody for an offence, whether on arrest, remand or sentence, only as a last resort and for the least time that is justified in the circumstances. If the Queensland Premier does not heed these required changes and ensure they are amended with haste, then we the Queensland constituents request you invoke your powers and remove them from office, forthwith.! We are feed up with the premier & the rest of her government’s failings. A concerned and mortified citizen of Queensland Yours sincerely Ph # Email/address Address to send to is [email protected]

Good work Phil - Townsville is becoming a JOKE and an UNSAFE place to live in for families and law abiding citizens. We take our lives (&our families lives) in our hands EVERY TIME we go out on the ROADS!! We are not even SAFE any more in our own homes!!! These grubs that are terrorising our town need STRICT SENTENCING and get them OUT of our community.

I’m all for a protest against the inaction of the state government, but on the street corner near Stockland..?? We should be having a march down the strand closing off the road on a Sunday afternoon or something similar. I don’t see how protesting at a intersection is going to attract everyone to come out and protest.

One of the worst things about all of this is the judgement I feel towards any young person I see in groups out late or behaving badly. I am wrong in feeling this I know. Seems to me that the current laws are endorsing this feeling. I have the right to feel safe I have the right to feel safe about my family. If someone hurts these kids I understand. I just hope it doesn’t happen. But it will. Then the person who has felt frightened or unsafe will feel the full force of the law as these kids should of. It is a sad result for the community.

This is now creating a very negative environment for all young kids for the sake of a minority. Time for the majority took back control

People keep saying there is nothing for these kids to do in Townsville so they commit crime, what a load of bull. No more excuses for these ferals. I grow up here with much less to do and I and many others did not go out to steal, commit violent crimes and fright people. They may have a crappy home environment but so have many other people. No more excuses for them.

The issue is we have already lost an innocent life, it was important for a day or so, now it's all forgotten. How many lives will it take to act appropriately and swiftly to get it under control.

They will only act when it directly affects their families. Steal their cars hurt their families and watch how quickly the laws get reviewed and changed.

Good work Phil pity the rest of so called representatives didn't do anything to help the community they are supposed to serve.

Sorry I couldn't make it! I had priority commitments.. Another fed up rate payer

Can you tell those protesters have easier to read signs? And hold them up long enough to read. My wife couldn't read them while we drove past yesterday (I was driving)

It’s a shame there is nothing in this town for these kids to do so they are creating their own excitement and it is escalating to the point where it is biting now. I dare you smart arse litigious so called leaders to listen to the words of a band called Judas Priest. The song is called “Breaking the Law”. It just may give you an insight as to what is happening.I know you won’t and I know you will never fix the problem so squeal all you like.

I hope you have a wonderful turnout

Push to send the RAR in on an internal tour of duty Mr.Thompson, a 24hr rotation until the message is stamped into the criminal/grubs mind, Australia has a Zero tolerance and will implement the correct measurements to ensure that the good abiding citizens are safe and looked after in times of need. 🙂👍

I'm sure if Walker, Harper, Stewart or Palaszczuk had their cars stolen something would be done! Bloody disgrace

Please see item 1 of petition about bail conditions.

Thank you for attending Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville, but we always expected you would, you care for your voters/community and your city.

Judges should be blind folded, given no names, no age, no race, only the criminal act committed and then judge accordingly.

Love your work mate. Hope this makes them realise that something needs to be done. Time to make this town safe again.

How come you never come out of your office when there is protest in front of your office.

Those voters who returned the labour government already knew what they were voting for - a party of the city and for the city. Labour didn’t care about the country before the election and they still don’t care after the election.

The answer to the question is an election............and all those who voted for the ALP stooges to think a bit more clearly and not be duped by promises!

Like Phil,can do something,he the federal member. He handles federal/commonwealth issues. What because he a former army member,you expect him to overthrow a state legislative government. And set up a provisional government. Just follow the QPS Advice,is all you can do.

Still not getting the message they cannot breach bail or commit crime if they are locked up in the first place ffs

Put them on palm island. Let them run the asylums. Will create work for the locals, teach them stuff. and they can't run far.

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Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Scott Stewart MP - Member for Townsville Les Walker MP - Mundingburra Aaron Harper MP Mayor Jenny Hill WHERE ARE YOU? ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Scott Stewart MP Les Walker MP Aaron Harper MP Mayor Jenny Hill WHERE ARE YOU?

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Today I’ll be writing to the State MPs (again!) asking for urgent crisis talks & the introduction of breach of bail as an offence, the removal of detention as a last resort and the end of taxpayer funded rorts such as the latest on country program that as far as we can tell, hasn’t had a single participant finish.

After the events of this week a Crime Crisis Meeting definitely Needs to Happen with all MP s to Find a Solution this Time

Is it even worth writing a letter? You've written letters in the past with no outcome. Why don't all the pissed off people here just stand up? There's more of us than them.

I feel for our Police, they unfortunately are wearing the brunt of our annoyance when they are doing what they are allowed to. So how about the pollies, remove the shackles from our Police and put them on to the criminals and those parents that let their darlings roam. And while we are at it bring in mandatory sentencing I am sick of the magistrates having discretionary powers.... it doesn’t work.

Perhaps Anna could build a quarantine facility for these little thugs because the number of them exceed the number of COVID cases. At least they would be out of the way in a secure facility.

Bring it back to the families, make them take some responsibility... make a facility out west on a cattle station and put them to work.. going to juvenile detention is just a big meeting place... we need to take Townsville back...

Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville, Things are bloody crook when we have to rely on a lone Federal MP to advance Townsville's citizens concerns, when we have 3 sitting State Labor MP's here who don't appear to bat an eyelid over the crime situation that prevails here! GT

Parents need to take full responsibility..of their teenagers...frightening for all citizens in Townsville be safe from break in by intruders at night...and not be alarmed of irresponsible drivers on our roads...praying for change in our beautiful city....

Do we still have a Mayor? She seems to have dropped off the map! Then again she would never put Townsville before her beloved State Labor Government!

Exactly !!! I near mm away from being side swiped yesterday with my kids and elderly mum in the car it left me feeling sick and wondering why the hell hasn’t anything been done. Why aren’t the parents charged for neglect and child protection involved. Thank you Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville for helping fight for Townsville as it’s clear our esteemed premier , local mayor and other politicians certainly couldn’t care less !!! I’m sure many have lost faith in them all , but thank you for trying to fight.

Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville keep fighting the fight for us. Yesterday as a parent was terrifying, I had our eldest daughter driving to her nursing job at TUH having a near miss, younger daughter driving to sports reserve for training terrified the whole way she’d been taken out. She wants to stay home! Thankyou for speaking for us

They’ve too busy chasing up “their” $198 million Aaron Harper is barking up the wrong tree if he thinks that’s what we’re interested in as our biggest priority The community wants action, the police want to be let of the leash, our judges need a kick up the backside and we need infrastructure to house these little sods (preferably as far away from good people as possible) to incarcerate them Then let the snowflakes and the aunties rehabilitate them but a long way away from decent people

Jenny Hill , you were elected to serve the people of Townsville, where the hell is your voice. Quite happy to take the money but don’t want to do the hard yards . Disgraceful, you an the three muppets need to step aside an let someone in to do the job, that you were all elected to do. Disgraceful 😞

My 80 year old husband was traumatised driving home from a Meeting last night. Purposefully drove around a back way hoping to miss the hooligans but no there they were ! They are everywhere day and night - have never seen anything like it. H E L P

I know this will be controversial, however those countries that still have corporal punishment for stealing I am starting to agree with. If there is no deterrent why would the crime stop.

Toughen up the sentencing for everyone, l could proberbly go and murder someone and in 4yrs I'd be out. Lock them all up for a time that fits the crime, not parole them. And take away the luxuries. That exist in the jails. Answer. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. 😡

It saddens me that the Townsville community is quiet simply ignored in the youth crisis situation, it seems that it’s only Deaf ears all around when it comes to certain politicians and there failure to see that It’s not only Townsville In Crisis but cairns and Mackay, the Far North gets the Bottom end of the stick every time. I would like to know why the funding was cut to the Aboriginal Man out west who was taking on these kids and rehabilitating them to become decent hardworking citizens, he had an 86% success rate, compare that to how unsuccessful these new youth laws are I know where I’d be putting me money on and it’s not these bench warming politicians. I think Townsville as a community just needs to find there own solution and cut out these not interested, it’s the too hard basket politicians. I for one think a fundraiser for the man out west to help get these juveniles out and away from bad influences and show them a different way of life and back to there cultural roots would only benefit the Townsville community and the kids themselves.

Maybe there should be a phone call to Current Affair and get it on National TV maybe that might give the local MP’s a wake up call...... start splashing it to all and Sundry there has to be action surely if all unite together and yell about it from the top of our collective lungs ???

TODAY this is news, harry is sad is not news; Townsville needs help!

You’ll find them trying to distract the public from the fact their soft , lame , left wing policies that embrace and encourage victimhood over the past 30 years has created a generation of people with no respect for community or themselves . They double down on their failed policies such as the bail houses that had an 83% recidivism rate , they removed breach of bail as an offence then lied about it , they blame everyone else but Themselves . This is what they have created . Labor have had power for about 30 years out of the last 35. Police are arresting the kids of people they arrested 20 years ago . This is a labor government social creation . Big picture they just keep putting a band aid on .. then lying and pointing the finger at everyone else .

There hiding as usual. Can you call this situation a disaster so we can employ the army to deal with these grubs

Why isn’t our Mayor saying something, don’t want to upset her mates.

Ask long as the Labor government runs our beautiful state, this is how it will be. Makes me so mad and frustrated. Up em Phil.

Lock the barstards up and throw away the key, they have lost their right to live in our society it wouldn't take long for anybody

How about a class action against the state government individual members of incompetency or no action on this crime wave we have here

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