Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Federal Member for Herbert

Fighting for Townsville

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There’s no question Townsville is facing the biggest challenge of a generation. The coronavirus has affected every single one of us in some way.

We’ve been extremely fortunate here in the North to have avoided a major outbreak of COVID-19. That’s thanks to the amazing work of all of us adhering to the restrictions and practising social distancing. I’d like to pay tribute to our incredible health professionals and frontline workers who have risked their lives every day to keep us safe and healthy.

Of course with the restrictions has come major economic heartache only a year after our devastating natural disaster. While JobKeeper and JobSeeker have been a godsend for many businesses the effects of the closures have been felt extremely hard.

I will continue to advocate every day for the people of Townsville. I won’t stop fighting to see our restrictions eased as quickly as possible – in line with the health advice – to see our economy reopened.

As your Federal Member I will be with you throughout the recovery and am always here to help. If there’s ever anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the phone, on Facebook or by email.

While you’re here, please take a minute to have your say, and let me know what’s important to you and your family.

Phillip Thompson OAM MP

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There is no better opportunity to have your say on Qld’s future. I voted with my youngest Emery today. ... See MoreSee Less

5 hours ago

There is no better opportunity to have your say on Qld’s future. I voted with my youngest Emery today.

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Such a beautiful and positive photo.. Go Emery.,😊

They have not mention up here so we dont know how we are going worst vote counting broadcast I have ever seen. Now when the North is ignored and crime keeps on they will wonder why. as for Allen Jones I want to poke him in the eye he is a moron and if he stays on Sky I will go he hates North Qld that is obvious.. I dont think he knows we exist. As I say watching this you know we are being ignored already.Hope you can help us Phil.

No one listed Phil cos these backwards ppl here voting labour again

Phil you have been such a wonderful ambassador for us..... God bless you and keep up the great job you are doing. Oh..... and a hello to the other Phil in the team as well. Phil C

Cannot believe people in Townsville voted for crime

Good luck Phil

Oh my heart wish I could go back in time 🏃🏃🏃😇

ya lookin well olfella n all the best 🍺🇦🇺

Father and daughter bonding.

She is gorgeous Phil and growing quickly

Love your work Phil


Oh my she sure is a cutie!

Look at her happy little face! Best of luck Phil (not that you need it 😉)

Emery, very happy with how Dad has voted 💙

What a beautiful little son! Good luck Phillip.


There’s no future with those that sell everything, privatise assets and casualise the workforce, I hope Emery gets a better run than most people do under LNP governments

What a little cutie pie 🥰

Hoping for the best result regardless of who wins. U r a true Aussie Phil

gosh she is growing

Such a cutie pie 🥰

Your little girl is So cute 🤩

Looks just like her dad

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MAKE A CHANGE: This state election you can decide whether we continue to suffer with out-of-control crime, or vote for the party that will throw its all at stopping the revolving door of youth crime. The LNP's youth curfew is only the start. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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We have made prisons so expensive to run by claiming human rights must be preserved that the govt has directed the judiciary that jail is a last resort for ( hush hush budgetary reasons). The criminologists and social workers see their bread is better buttered if the crims are allowed in the community. Bigger prisons less salubrious conditions and more staff to handle bigger prison population. PS 10 years for anyone guilty of dealing ice no matter the quantity.

Too late looks like a Labor/ greens land slide, for f**ks sake people what is wrong with you, Don't whinge now you have voted them back in the years to come. Repeat of Victoria.

He says about the 9 year olds but doesn't mention that the curfew also covers 17 year olds after 10pm. Really?

good on yeh

Yea coz the stolen generation worked the first time around? What an absolute cockhead. Get fucked ya dog. If you want youth crime to be reduced, start by providing better opportunities for people to be educated. The liberals have made it more difficult for ppl to recieve higher education. Th liberals have done nothing for this country but sell our assets, move our manufacturing industry to third world nations, introduced a police state whereby ya cant take a piss without a copper standing over ya shoulder. Yea nah fuck you and fuck the Liberal scum. Also have a good day cunt.

Mr Phil we need North Queensland to be an independent State. That is the big answer for everything.

Ask the hard questions mate. Why are they trying to have foreign troops allowed to operate (with impunity)here in Australia and what's your view on the fact that the findings of the Woods royal commission into child abuse have been put under a 90 year suppression order. Will you push to have that opened?

Young kids should be home but sometimes their parents are either to drunk to know or care or they themselves are out doing similar things. But the government needs to do something at least, the community safe house is the first step to keep these kids safe

Curfew is pure bull dust What are you trying to punish the majority because of a minority. We are not a communist country We need to respect our freedom. I have been a liberal voter all my life (62yrs old) but draconic ideas like this is plain rubbish and has just made me decide to vote differently. You as a fellow retired serviceman should know what freedom means so you cannot deny our youth who be-have themselves to have their freedom taken away.

Totally agree Phil. Who the hell thinks it is ok for under 14yr olds to be on the streets a midnight or later without adult supervision.?? Only the brain dead.

Remember the ones your puting the curfews on vote in the next election cycle,and their not happy

God in you Phil!! We have to wake up to all the crime and do something about it and many other neglected issues !! Keep up your good work and we hope that by next week we will have a new govt. with new ideas and solutions to our problems !!!

We need to reinstate respect Tell me how letting the unruly rule changes anything

Kids running around at night because the parents are drunk or high on drugs is a very good reason to introduce the welfare card. I get cranky knowing I paid tax for 50 years to keep a section of the community drunk. Make welfare a hand up not a hand out.

Unless you’re including programs, resources and services to engage youth and support families this is just another marketing stunt and insulting when your government is deliberately adding to the issue with the cashless debit card, below poverty levels of income support, parenting next obligations and on and on If you’re serious about addressing youth crime beyond a marketing stunt review the actual recommendations here: and work with state gov to implement

Totally agree Phillip 9yr old kids should not be running around at all hours of the night something needs to happen to get them off the crime path they are currently on

Doesn't help that children today do not understand accountability. You do something wrong then there are consequences. Teach child, you do the wrong thing then you get detention. That means walking around the school picking up rubbish with a bright orange vest. Not sitting in a classroom doing nothing. Learn the difference between respect and abuse.

It’s pretty simple folks Those of us that care about our kids and community will follow the rules and as our kids will have it explained to them why it is necessary to protect gramma and those that need protecting they will gladly abide by the rules This will leave the recidivist minority well and truly exposed to the good people out there upholding the law and morals of a civilised society Once the revolving door is not so attractive we will see a better understanding of what is right and wrong Once this happens the good people who strive to improve the lot of the few will know they have the support of the community We can have more of the same downwards spiral or we can make changes How do we do this We make small and incremental changes that work towards empowering people to realise they can contribute and there is a light at the end of the tunnel Be part of the change Don’t put up with more of the same

I used to think your were better than most of the LNP garbage!

So hoping LNP gets in. Thanks Phil.

But only if fracking get any say one national and kap had that idea to

Remember that the Lnp under Newman made all bikies and motorcycle riders criminals tarring all riders with the same brush because of a few. Lnp and Labor can get stuffed. Can't be trusted and only in politics for their own gain.

Don’t sugar coat it they do the crime they do the time or take the little shits out the back blocks and give them a good old flogging back in my day in the week we where in bed by 8.30 on a Friday night and Saturday night if we went out we had to be back by 10 pm not home by then and if you didn’t have a good story we’ll look out for the jug cord it’s a coming

How do you suppose the curfew is enforced Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville?

we can only hope

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