Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Federal Member for Herbert

Fighting for Townsville

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There’s no question Townsville is facing the biggest challenge of a generation. The coronavirus has affected every single one of us in some way.

We’ve been extremely fortunate here in the North to have avoided a major outbreak of COVID-19. That’s thanks to the amazing work of all of us adhering to the restrictions and practising social distancing. I’d like to pay tribute to our incredible health professionals and frontline workers who have risked their lives every day to keep us safe and healthy.

Of course with the restrictions has come major economic heartache only a year after our devastating natural disaster. While JobKeeper and JobSeeker have been a godsend for many businesses the effects of the closures have been felt extremely hard.

I will continue to advocate every day for the people of Townsville. I won’t stop fighting to see our restrictions eased as quickly as possible – in line with the health advice – to see our economy reopened.

As your Federal Member I will be with you throughout the recovery and am always here to help. If there’s ever anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the phone, on Facebook or by email.

While you’re here, please take a minute to have your say, and let me know what’s important to you and your family.

Phillip Thompson OAM MP

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I welcome the decision of the Commission. It’s wonderful to see common sense has prevailed on this important issue. ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Well done mate. Looking after the veterans as always 🙏🏻

Having been a Veteran, you are in the best spot. Near the army base. Doing a fantastic job. 💕❣️

Great work Phil. It’s great when common sense prevails, but as you say, it should never have happened in the first place 😊

Thank you Phillip for having Townsville back mate👍

Congratulations Phil Thompson federal member of Herbert. You are real champion fighting for just causes you firmly believe in . We need more members like you. Cheers

Well done Phillip Thompson I am very proud of the great lengths you go for the Veteran community and the community of Townsville. Keep being the the person you are

Great job Phil, good onya mate👍

Without blokes like you still fighting the fight for us Veterans we would be cactus! Thank for your continued Service mate!

Bravo. I read in the paper you have upset the Mayor. Keep up the good work we have not had a person who has been as proactive in this city for years.☑☑☑

Onya Champion keep on kicking goals for the veteran community

Well done Philip Thompson! Now what about getting our local office of the DVA open for business to service the immediate concerns of local Veterans. The Covid 19 excuse just doesn’t wash given the nonexistent community spread up here.

On behalf of all the members at Totally and Permanently Disabled Ex- Service Persons Association (TPI Townsville) we thank you.

Without you it wouldn’t have been changed. Thank you!

Well done Phillip Thompson, keep on sticking it to the big guys!

Good outcome 👌

Why are they charging money for a tax payer funded initiative.....I’m mean, it’s obvious common sense ain’t that common on the top floors of the Ivory Towers. Good work Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville👏👍

Was the person that made the decision for the $100 fee delt with ? I BET NOT ,Looking forward to there next trick . Wondering if there is catering involved at this forum/???If there is ! Everything just got bumped up in price .Callous people just don't go away unless you make them go away.

Great mate. Your are hitting home runs regularly now. I look forward to getting back home to buy you a beer.

Great that a few vet can go to a meeting a win. Next challenge redirect the party to helping small businesses by explaining to them that businesses can not survive if people don't have money to spend. Economics 101 . Stop hating workers!

Where is this taking place and what are the details to register

Well done Phill...again.

Your a champ.

Great work. A people’s man.

Now push for a royal commission.

Don't stress mate, you just keep on using them to do the right thing'.

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Thank you for the kind words Paul Murray LIVE ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Thank you for the kind words Paul Murray LIVE

Comment on Facebook

Very disappointing that you’d cosy up to Paul Murray. Strange that you’d call a journalist (journalist used in the broadest terms) ‘brother’. This really demonstrates you are not governing for ALL your constituents in the slightest.

Phil Thompson is a legend, who cares for his constituents, fights for our rights and is genuinely interested in helping us all. Phil proud of you, if only we could clone you.

Great work Phillip you are a true leader Townsville is so lucky to have you thank you

Well done Philip Thompson, see you ANZAC Day mate.

The only decention l see here is from some woefull university tragic thinking he is funny. Mate you have been called out. I have nothing in common with your crowd. You and your band of merry men and women and other genders have very little common sence. You virtue signal from your pulpit of hypocracy like a thief i the night. You have no arguement but to be so codasending in your reply to others. Uni students of the world unite and lets cosy up to our Greens party. Mate you are appaling in your world view.

Your do amazing things for the people of Townsville! Thankyou for all you do and bless you and your family!!

he is trying to make a difference unlike that useless arron harper

He is the only Politician in Townsville that you see doing anything for the constituents. The only time you see any of the other Politicians are when they are fake smiling at some media interviews with Pullachook or our Council members trying to convince us of how good they are. If the Stadium can be full of paying residents to watch a game of footy, fight or whatever then we should be able to go to a dawn service and stand proudly on the streets to watch our X Service Men and Women in a parade to celebrate their Service to this Country. We would be outdoors not sitting shoulder to shoulder in a stadium. I listened to the news last night when it was stated that the crowds in the stadium brought much needed financial gain to the city. What would this city be without our forces.

Good work Phil as usual ! You are awesome

So do some of us Queensland voters! Great value.

News limited puppet, tell Herbert you voted to take away workers rights in Queensland. You a Canberra rep not Townsville. Labor won’t you in for a another term !!

A. Real man of the people

Why does your government hate workers and Paul Murray recommendations is not anything to be proud of.

So PROUD of you and everything you are doing for our city.

A nice bloke 👍

I could not be bothered working my way through all of the ridiculous comments below to try to find out, but can someone please tell me the name of the organisation to whom he donates?

Great work as always from you Phil we know you care about Townsville & mean it

Thank you for fighting Phil. 🇦🇺👏🏼

Cuzzy Bro Bra Brother Comrade

So will Sky news and Philip help protect the Canberra rapist? Or is that just a Defence Minister thing?

Thanks Phillip for all you do for us.👍

Thanks Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville was deployed last Anzac day would love to be around this year for it

Phil why can’t we use the Army with our crisis???

I wish more politicians were like Craig Kelly, instead of being yuan fed, pure bred, swamp dwellers.

Awesome work Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville👍

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