Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Phillip Thompson OAM MP

Federal Member for Herbert

Serving Our Community

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Together with our community, we’ve been working to secure our economic recovery, support jobs and help locals get ahead.

Through our local advocacy, we’ve been able to deliver on our local plan in Herbert, including:

✅ Establishing the reinsurance pool to bring down insurance premiums
✅ Delivering the Port channel widening to allow bigger ships into our port for imports and exports
✅ Funding a new youth precinct to get young people off our streets
✅ Starting a much-needed $80-million refurbishment for Reef HQ
✅ A Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide, and
✅ Delivering a new ward at the Townsville University Hospital.

Each and every one of these initiatives is aimed at improving the quality of life for local people and ensuring we’re supporting a better future for our region. Please check out some of our local projects here.

As your Federal Member I am always here to help. If there’s ever anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the phone, on Facebook or by email.

While you’re here, please take a minute to have your say, and let me know what’s important to you and your family.

Phillip Thompson OAM MP

We’ve secured significant investment in Townsville and surrounds, creating jobs and helping our economic recovery.

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Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community

Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community

Federal Member for Herbert
Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence
Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence Industry
Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence Personnel

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NEW 🇦🇺 CITIZENS: Great to see so many people become Australian citizens. It was an honour to hand them their first Australian flag as an Aussie. Congratulations to those who took this important step. ... See MoreSee Less

NEW 🇦🇺 CITIZENS: Great to see so many people become Australian citizens. It was an honour to hand them their first Australian flag as an Aussie. Congratulations to those who took this important step.Image attachmentImage attachment+Image attachment

19 CommentsComment on Facebook

Great to see

I love these photos Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community . You are such a great example of what being an Aussie is. You hold our flag with pride. Welcome to all our new citizens!

I’m glad to see you weren’t obstructed, this time, from handing out Australian flags 🙌

A proud day for my family ❤️🇦🇺

You do a great job for Townsville, we need more people like you

Phillip you do a Fantastic job 👏

Take note Councils around Australia. This is how you act if you truly love your country.

Phillip you make us proud to begin Australia n

I remember the day many years ago when I received my citizenship It was a very happy moment I truly cherish Australia is a great country 😍

Good on ya Phil and congratulations to our new citizens to Australia yes we are lucky to live in this country 💯👍

Great Job, Phillip and thank you for all that you do. The photos were lovely to see all the happy Australians Sandra Peel

Thank you Phillip for always doing what needs doing for our beautiful town GodBless every new Australian citizen 🇦🇺♥️🫶

Phillip you do such a wonderful job and you show it with pride .Welcome to all the new Aussie Citizens hope you look upon Australia with so much pride just like a true Australian 🇦🇺

Congratulations to all of you! You are now citizens of the best Country in the world. Welcome, enjoy and stay true… 🇳🇿

Nice job as always Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community

Ashish Mishra congrats mate.

Awesome to see Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community

Race rags are disrespectful and un Australian. Only one flag should be displayed during this ceremony.

Wrong Flag bloke..

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On the 18th July and every day I remember my mate, our brother, Ben Ranaudo who was killed in action 15 years ago. In the same IED blast Paul suffered significant life changing injuries including having his leg blown off. #lestweforget ... See MoreSee Less

On the 18th July and every day I remember my mate, our brother, Ben Ranaudo who was killed in action 15 years ago. In the same IED blast Paul suffered significant life changing injuries including having his leg blown off. #LestWeForgetImage attachment

203 CommentsComment on Facebook

Respect. The comments are true. This is what REAL HEROES LOOK LIKE.

🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺❤❤❤ now these men are heroes, not bloody sports stars or so called celebrities.

And the Greens desecrate our veterans memorials….???

This is what a hero looks like. Lest We Forget

Where would be be without people like this.? Australia needs heroes like this. Bless them 🙏🙏🙏

Lest We Forget , Salute And Respect Men Of Men

We don’t do enough for our veterans. They are such hero’s. Thank you for reminding us and thank you for your service. Hope Paul is doing well. RIP Ben.

Respect for all men & women who served for their country many paying the ultimate sacrifice God Bless

RIP Ben. Lest We Forget. Thankyou to our Hero's. God Bless them all.🙏🙏🙏🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺❤️❤️❤️

Brave soldiers, 🤍🌹💖

Thank you for your service.

We WILL remember them

Respect. So often our wounded are overlooked. Thank you.

Feel for you brother in arms, very sorry that someone had to lose a leg. However that was what we put our name to when we volunteer to be part of the ADF. Thank you for your service

So young and with his whole life ahead of him, too sad. Condolences to his family.

Never forget. Hope your well mate.

"At the going down of the Sun and in the morning we will remember them". "Lest we forget".

I first heard of these blokes in a song by Fred Smith called “ The Dust Of Uruzghan”

Rip Ben you are all heroes ❤️‍🩹😭💝

Thank you Diggers for your service and your sacrifice. 🙏🇦🇺

Lest We Forget 🙏🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

A true hero Lest We Forget

Lest we Forget ❤️

I will never forget this day. Lest We Forget!

Heartbreaking to hear mate 😢😢💔

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REEF HQ UPDATE: I've received an answer to a question I put to the Labor Environment Minister about Reef HQ's future. The response is an absolute joke. This Labor Government needs to answer to the people of Townsville and give a commitment that this project will go ahead. ... See MoreSee Less

74 CommentsComment on Facebook

Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community how about the council also answer to the people of townsville. WE DO NOT WANT PAID PARKING ON THE STRAND. the council has already destroyed the city with paid parking mon-fri & now you want us to pay to go to the beach mon-sun. seriously? noone should ever have to pay to go to the beach, have a picnic, a swim. the council is a joke & the people of townsville are not happy.

WOW what a pathetic response from Plibersek! Seriously they have no idea!! Phil just keep the pressure on.

Townsville needs to sort out some infrastructure to accommodate this venture. As a visitor from out of town, I believe that the lack of accommodation, parking and public transport puts a damper on everything. This is in your court. Cairns has an aquarium that is surrounded by great accomm choices and fab eateries. Not so in townsville.

Another answer without really answering.

After they built the new $54 million one in Cairns, I knew ours would never be built.

Considering when I was living in Townsville, in 2021, Reef HQ was being shut down and reopened in 2023 after a major remodel. Yet it is now 2024. I visit Townsville quite often from Sydney and the block of land is still a cleared construction zone. I have little faith that Reef HQ will ever reopen. Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community I truly appreciate you fighting for this, but I have little faith in the labour government to meet, let alone commit to their previous promises and reopen Reef HQ.

Bring back reef HQ!!!

She probably doesn't know where Reef HQ is, let alone what Marine life that was in it.

You and I both know they have bulldozed Reef HQ to sell off the land . Plenty of hands in the pie here .

Tell the Minister they can put some wind turbines on top of it, approval and funding will be given within days.

Keep fighting Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community we need to have this wonderful educational facility reopened. Shame on the current government

That is a pathetic answer. So is federal and state responsible for funding or federal only?

Labor treats people with contempt!

Maybe the ALP federal government should have allocated the $480 million to GBRMPA instead of the GBR Foundation (who had 6 staff and hadn’t bid for any funding grants!)….an ALP typo - that rather than admitting to a clerical fault and re allocating to GBRMP they pushed on and gave to the foundation, who spent $48 million on staffing and administrative costs…..which is $48 million towards Reef HQ! A cock up at best, another example of how the ALP government squanders our taxes and inhibits our development!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Welcome to the site of the new convention centre. We will never see Reef HQ return or anything even remotely resembling it (maybe a tropical fish tank in the foyer of the new convention centre!!)

If its not turning a profit then close it. Simples. Waste of taxpayer money. If it does turn a profit consider it out to private enterprise as a lifeline, but no subsidies, subsidies dont work

Thanks for all that you do Phil. This is why you got my vote

Which period of government allowed the facility deteriorate to the point it needed rebuilding?

Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community I had this memory come up so I shared on my personal page. Perhaps a call can be put out asking for Townsville locals to share their experiences and love they have had for ReefHQ in the past to show what the aquarium has meant to our community for generations. It will be a disservice if our children and further generations wont be given this unique educational facility back.

The money has already been spent would be a fair statement

Phil for PM he’s the only dedicated politician in the country On ya Phil

Just had family visiting from South Australia. They were disappointed it wasn't open to visit 😔

The Queensland gov and the Alp have no intention of re opening reef hq i suspect if it was down south it would all ready be open 💩💩

They should of got funding before knocking it down.

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INVESTIGATION NEEDED: If the blood-soaked dictator in Russia’s President Putin can be in an illegal war in Ukraine and still have his tentacles run from the Australian Army back to the Kremlin, something is seriously wrong. ... See MoreSee Less

206 CommentsComment on Facebook

The Ukraine war is just a proxy war by United States and NATO. They were told to honour the Minsk Agreement but no they just kept pushing on towards Russia. Would United States allowed Russia to instal bases in Mexico. Certainly not. Time to stop all wars!!

Who defines which war is " legal" and which one is " illegal"? And don't say " NATO".. they make the rules and break the rules.. I din't see you calling Israel and " illegal state" or fighting an " illegal war" . Anyway....

So the Russian's have spies here in sunny Oztrailer what about the billions of Australian tax dollars 💸 sent to the Ukraine and the military equipment and the Ukraine's Nazi Battalions that our tax dollars are supporting. Where's the outrage at the discovery 👀 of 40 plus bioweapons laboratories that the Russian's discovered that were confirmed by the US State department that 38 were USA owned. How about all the politicians who are brought and paid for by the Chinese communist party. Australia should have no involvement in the war in Europe and yet both liberal and Labor have declared war on Russia by supplying equipment and drones along with military advisors. What about Alexander downer and senior politicians providing false information and interference in foreign elections or giving the Clinton foundation millions of dollars 💸 💵 💲 of our tax dollars and to add to this little list what about John Howard sealing the list of 28 pedophiles made up of politicians judges and an Australian Prime minister where's the outrage about this. Sort out these issues first along with the use of rent boys (Male prostitutes) in parliament house as well. Lets also add Jacquie lambies threats against Veterans for refusing to get an illegal gene therapy jab and her other attacks on Veterans and Australian citizens . Sadly the list of whats wrong on the kantberra swamp that needs to be drained as well.

2014 Ukraine provocation NATO provocation not Russia. Blood soaked Putin what an outlandish statement.

Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community Would you refer to prime minister Howard as a blood soaked dictator also?

Mate, You know how she was recruited, take a look at her….she fits the new ADF’s recruiting campaign and it’s quota’s, so much so she’s actually on the recruiting adds 😂 lower the standards and lower the bar got her in!

I feel that this is such a distraction, when there are serious problems going on in Australia. Homes for the homeless, cost of living is getting outrageous, c,mon people wake up to what really needs attention!

When you keep lowering the standards to meet quotas, what do you expect. Until they sack most of the Star rank officers and start again, then retention and recruitment will continue to struggle.

If the last few years have shown anything is that Putin is a much better person than the western leaders. Atleast he actually loves his country, unlike our leaders who have sold us and their souls to the WEF and the rest of the globalists.

All world govts are rotten to the core so it should come as no surprise

China have their tentacles in Australia well and true. Joel Fitzgibbon and Daryl Maguire are just two of the many on the Chinese gravy train.

Australia is in a pretty piss Poor state , the questions need to be asked .

Either you are a flat out propaganda machine or you don’t like reading your history books…?

Blood soaked dictator your a full toilet mate Putin wanted peace you wanker ! Ukraine bio labs and Nazi have you forgotten already ?

1939 , where is so called Ukraine ?

Australia is a joke we let anyone in our country

And what was when America went to Iraq ?? That wasn’t an illegal war ??!

Wauw, what about a bit of context in the lead up to this madness. What if Australia and Europe are totally sucked in to the american hegemony and can only talk war.

Putin has every right to kick NATO out Ukraine NATO is breaking the agreement with Gorbachev to pull the wall down

Who is this fool who let you speak

We should haul in the two most recent ministers for defence and kick them out of parliament.

Russia, Russia, Russia lol. Another ploy to discredit Putin and get Australians hating on him. If NATO hadn't of poked the bear, the war in Ukraine would not have happened. Putin is simply fighting to protect the Russians living in Ukraine who have been consistently killed and tortured since 2014 and protecting his own country. Now, what about all the Chinese spies living in Australia???

How about the one who was in the parliament They were never named and it wasn’t in the news cycle for more than 24 hours Do better journalism and find out who that was

What our politicians are doing is of far more consequence than ANYTHING that happens within ADF.

Vetting contracted out to the lowest bidder perhaps......

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COMMUNITY CONNECT: There is nothing better than being out in the community, listening to what is important to you and your family. I appreciate everyone who stopped by today at Parkside Plaza for a chat. Crime and cost of living continue to be the key issues impacting Townsville. ... See MoreSee Less

COMMUNITY CONNECT: There is nothing better than being out in the community, listening to what is important to you and your family. I appreciate everyone who stopped by today at Parkside Plaza for a chat. Crime and cost of living continue to be the key issues impacting Townsville.

29 CommentsComment on Facebook

Pity my wife and I can’t vote for you Phillip for we are south across the Ross River at Idalia and we have to vote for Mackay 450 kms away instead of Townsville 10 minutes from CBD. The electorate is really screwed for we don’t see or hear from our elected representatives and have no choice as to who we vote for because we don’t know them from one election to another! There is a lot of ex and serving ADF. personal including myself who feel left out of decent government representation like yourself for we see you all the time on SKY question time but wouldn’t know or want our rep looks like? Cheers 🍻 mate and thank you for your service to Townsville and good luck in the upcoming election!👍☢️🇦🇺Biro

You are truly a legend. The only politician that actually listens and the only politician who you can see out and about. The others you see when it's election time. Some don't even answer emails or acknowledge that you sent them an email. I'd vote for you anytime

Thank you Phillip for everything you do for Townsville! I really appreciated you listening to my concerns🙂 It's great that you're so involved in the community, so ready to have conversations with the residents of Townsville, it shows you really care for Townsville and everyone that lives here.

Your a legend phil. Keep up the good work

Good on ya Phil keep up the great job you’re doing 👍💯

I wish people were more worried about the homeless and disadvantaged and know how truly blessed we are to live in this country.

I trust you so much more than I trust our ‘Career Polly’s’ . They join for the kudos, you work for your people. Thanks for yr hard work Phil 👏🏻

Good Work Mr Phillip 🤝🤝 God Bless 🙏

When you are criticised and denigrated by the opposition you must be doing the right thing and a threat to the rusted ons.

You are a champion Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Serving Our Community have a great day and see you at the pool on Sunday . Cheers john

Also so many problems with unroadworthy vehicles and NO proactive patrolling / monitoring of idiot drivers who don't read the road ahead in a lot of cases and push over / overtake is just getting out of hand . C'mon Phil this toothless / gutless state Government is just a waste of space and air . For your action mate

Love it. It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Good work.

You're a good man Phil

Welcome your nice suggesstions better cooperations praisings your nice welfares activities thanks

Just wondering Does that Harper get paid ? 🤬

How many stolen cars so far in July? 20? 30?

Seems with what has been exposed about the CFMEU and Labor, they are a united crime gang, feeding of the taxpayers.

Did someone steal your pen?

How do you know when a politician is lying 🙄 , his mouth is moving 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Crime and cost always been there?

Great to say hello in person- excellent initiative. Once again showing the 3 silent monkeys what they SHOULD be doing.

Crime, cost of living and TOXIC FLUORIDE IN OUR WATER SUPPLY!! We want it OUT!! I will keep reminding you in these photo opportunity posts until you have the decency to reply to me.

the sum does not change by changing the places of the terms 2+3=5 3+2=5

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