Media Release: Labor trades mining jobs and cheaper power for North Queenslanders for Greens preferences

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Labor trades mining jobs and cheaper power for North Queenslanders for Greens preferences

Member for Herbert Phillip Thompson says Labor should be ashamed of itself after teaming up with the Greens to block funding for a feasibility study for a new coal-fired power station in North Queensland.
NSW Labor Senator Jenny McAllister gave notice of a disallowance motion in the Senate for the $3.3 million study into Shine Energy’s proposed 1GW high efficiency, low emissions plant at Collinsville.
Mr Thompson said it proved once again that Labor cared more about its political prospects than the people of North Queensland.
“I’m disgusted by this Labor-Greens stunt which has put at risk 2000 construction and 600 ongoing jobs for North Queensland, not to mention much-needed cheaper power prices – all so they can hang on to the Greens preferences they so desperately need,” Mr Thompson said.
“It shows Labor’s disdain for the resource sector and its disdain for North Queensland. Just this morning the CFMEU has quit the party’s left faction – even their own have turned against them.
“Labor lost the election in Queensland because they didn’t back mining, they didn’t back the resource sector and they refused to utter the word Adani. More than a year on they haven’t learnt anything.”
Mr Thompson said it was telling the disallowance motion had been moved by a member of a green activist group within the Labor Party.
“Senator McAllister co-founded LEAN (Labor Environmental Action Network). So once again we have people who aren’t from North Queensland telling us what we can and can’t do.
“I won’t stand for it and I will be unwavering in my support for this project and the resource sector.
“It’s time for Labor to stop treating North Queenslanders like mugs and support our mining sector.”


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