Media Release: Petition launched to abolish crippling toilet tax

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Petition launched to abolish crippling toilet tax
Herbert MP Phillip Thompson will lodge a petition with Townsville City Council after months of inaction to ease the financial burden of pedestal tax on accommodation providers and local community groups.
Dozens of organisations are slugged $945 per toilet despite state government restrictions on travel and gatherings.
“The silence from Council has been deafening,” Mr Thompson said.
“This week the owner of Billabong Lodge Motel received a rates bill for $53,596.22 – 83% of which was toilet tax for his 31 toilets. He tells me he doesn’t have the money to pay the bill because he’s barely had any guests to stay.
“Back in June I wrote to the Mayor asking for the charge to be abolished, to which she replied to say she would be willing to have a debate with me and provided a number of factually incorrect arguments.
“I replied again with a few myth-busting facts – including the much cheaper fees charged by neighbouring North Queensland councils – and never heard anything back.
“Meanwhile these motel owners have no one staying with them, and are being charged this exorbitant fee for toilets which aren’t being flushed. The same goes for sporting and community groups.”
Mr Thompson said he would be lodging a formal petition with Council requesting that the charge be scrapped.

“I’m encouraging everyone who is affected by this charge to log on to my website and register to sign the petition,” he said.
“This is a major issue which is affecting too many businesses and community groups, and the Mayor must be held to account for her lack of compassion and failure to act.”
Mackay Regional Council charges $898.40 per toilet per annum, while Cairns only charges $680.96.
Businesses and community organisations wishing to sign the petition should go to

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