Bring Back the Safer Communities Fund

Our city has been under siege by violent youth criminals for far too long. I am contacted by locals every single day whose cars have been stolen, homes broken into, or property damaged.

We have had enough!

I’ve always said we need significant legislation change at the State level. But the State Labor Government refuses to make the tough decisions needed to keep our community safe.

That’s why at the Federal level, the former Coalition Government stepped up and took action. We funded early intervention and community safety infrastructure in Townsville through a grant called the Safer Communities Fund.

The Albanese Labor Government cut the fund as soon as it got in. It meant $3.3M of projects earmarked for Townsville couldn’t go ahead, and great programs that have been running in our community will soon lose their funding.

All levels of government must be doing everything they can to address this problem. The Albanese Labor Government needs to bring back the Safer Communities Fund.

I’m asking for your help to send the government a message. Please, scroll down and sign my petition to bring back Safer Communities.

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