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Media Release: Townsville in Top 10 Most Expensive Queensland Electorates To See a GP

Herbert has been revealed as the eighth most expensive federal electorate in the state to visit a GP as local doctors struggle with low Medicare rebates and a ridiculous new Queensland Government tax.

Herbert MP Phillip Thompson said the figures, compiled by online healthcare directory Cleanbill, were a symptom of Labor governments at both the state and federal levels failing to address a key contributing factor of the cost-of-living crisis.

“This research has revealed the average out-of-pocket cost for a standard 15-minute consultation in Townsville is $42.49, with only 36% of practices fully bulk-billing,” Mr Thompson said.

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Media Release: Phil Thompson delivers on Hospital Ward Commitment

Herbert MP Phillip Thompson has welcomed news of the completion of a new, 33-bed ward for the Townsville Hospital, funded by the former Coalition Government.

Mr Thompson said the Acute Assessment Unit was a key commitment of his successful 2019 election campaign following community feedback about the need to boost local health services.

“We know the doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and support staff at the Townsville University Hospital do a fantastic job, but there’s always a need for more beds and facilities to help them better care for local patients,” he said.

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Statement: Townsville Welcomes French Navy

On behalf of the Townsville Defence and wider community, I’d like to welcome Captain Emmanuel Mocard and members of the French Military to our city as Mistral-class LHD Dixmude makes its port call.

It is an honour worthy of our garrison city as the broader Jeanne D’Arc group brings almost 1000 sailors and soldiers to the North to take part in joint exercises with the 3rd Brigade and other ADF units.

I know this will be a mutually beneficial time for both nations. Some of my best memories from the Army were the lessons we learnt from other militaries as part of joint exercises, as well as the camaraderie and shared values we were able to enjoy.

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Statement: Voice to Parliament

This is extremely personal for me. My wife is Aboriginal, my mother-in-law born on Palm Island and her parents a part of the stolen generation.

My daughters, Astin who is four and Emery who is two, are Aboriginal. I made a promise when they were born I would do everything I can to create a better future for them.

Will the decisions I make today create a better future for my children and children throughout Townsville, Palm Island and Australia? This is the question I ask myself every day.

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Statement: Process before Punishment: Too Early to Strip Medals

Two weeks on from revelations that the Minister for Defence Richard Marles instructed the Chief of the Defence Force to initiate stripping military officers of their medals for their service in Afghanistan, veterans are still hurting.

I’m being inundated with the same questions. If those at the command level are being asked to justify why they shouldn’t lose their decorations, how far up (and down) the chain will it go? If no one’s been charged or convicted, why is this happening?

Peter Dutton is right – the allegations of war crimes perpetrated by members of the Australian Defence Force remain just that – allegations. They have not been tested in a court of law. The Office of the Special Investigator has not even concluded its investigations. If it’s just an attack on our diggers, we will fight it tooth and nail.

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Media Release: Labor Deception at Centre of Dam Saga

North Queenslanders have a right to feel deceived and let down following revelations the State Labor Government’s water minister hid the fact he’d put the kibosh on Hells Gates Dam.

The former Coalition Government had committed $5.4B for the major project before the last federal election, based on the success of a $24M business case undertaken by Townsville Enterprise.

Reports have emerged revealing the Albanese Labor Government did not include the funding in last week’s budget because it had been rejected by the State Labor Water Minister Glenn Butcher.

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Media Release: Confirmed AEIOU Funding a Big Win for Local Families

Local families raising children with autism have welcomed $2M in federal funding for a new centre to help AEIOU Foundation expand its early-intervention work.

The former Coalition Government committed the funds at the last election, but the project was cast into doubt when the Albanese Labor Government announced it would be cutting the program that was set to pay for it.

After strong advocacy from local MPs Andrew Willcox and Phillip Thompson following the election, funding for a new centre was announced as part of last week’s budget.

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Media Release: Townsville City Deal Funding in Cloud of Uncertainty

Uncertainty surrounds the future of $126M of federal funding for Townsville ahead of the Albanese Labor Government’s budget next week, with no sign of this year’s annual progress report for the Townsville City Deal.

Federal Member for Herbert Phillip Thompson said while $69M of an original $195M pool of funding had been allocated to projects already underway, he had serious concerns the remainder of the money would be clawed back by the Labor Government.

Mr Thompson had successfully negotiated for money that had been allocated for Stage 2 of the Haughton Pipeline, but was rejected by the State Labor Government, to remain available for projects in Townsville. The previous Coalition Government had quarantined the funds in its subsequent budgets.

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Media Release: Hells Gate Dam set to be cut from Albanese Labor Budget

The Albanese Labor Government has shown its complete disdain for Townsville, indicating that a major infrastructure project will not be in its first budget next week.

Hells Gates Dam, announced and budgeted for by the former Coalition government, did not feature in a pipeline of infrastructure projects announced by Labor for Queensland at the weekend.

Federal Herbert MP Phillip Thompson said the $5.4B commitment had been made months ahead of the last election, and was included in the March 2022 budget papers.

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Media Release: Marles Hides Behind Review to Reconsider Black Hawk Acquisition

Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence Phillip Thompson says Richard Marles must explain why he is using the Defence Strategic Review as an excuse to cast doubt over the acquisition of Black Hawk helicopters.

The Defence Minister has said the previous government’s commitment to replace the underperforming MRH-90 was “fuzzy”, and that a process was underway to “evaluate that capability”.

Mr Thompson said the comments warranted an explanation to ADF members and the nation.

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Statement: Capability – not Cupcakes – for #yourADF

Defence Minister Richard Marles’ move to reinstate “rainbow morning teas” in the Australian Defence Force is a complete subversion of priorities.

Labor is clearly perplexed about the primary role of the ADF, which it obviously thinks is about pursuing a woke agenda that cares more about your sexual orientation than ADF capability.

People I know in the ADF who are gay tell me the best way to achieve inclusion in the Defence Force is to be treated the same as everyone else.

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